We are proud to announce our esteemed judges, between them have a wealth of knowledge regards In-Water Photography and a huge passion for the oceans.




I was born and spent my childhood in the island of Menorca. Then I moved to Barcelona to study arts and design and after that I become a motionographer freelance working remotely from where ever I'm. The underwater photography started in 2008 as a hobby, and slowly it became in something more professional. Normally I spend half year in Menorca, when the weather is warm. And when here the weather is cold I travel to other seas round the world.







Martin Toole


Martin has been in to photography for a decade now, after receiving his first camera, a Samsung NV-5 for his 20th Christmas he soon fell in love. This love affair continued until 4 years ago when he got in to freediving and open water swimming and decided to take the camera in to the abyss. He does scuba dive, but only ever takes photos whilst on one breath and out in the cold waters of the UK with just a wetsuit and fins on.

He prefers to photograph simple and minimalistic scenes, mostly underwater sea scape and wide angle shots and continues to grow his freediving knowledge and skills as well in aid of better photography. He has photographed numerous events in water; freediving competitions, triathlons and more in the aid of learning new skills and testing his in-water photography skills.