Categories for the In Water Photographer of the Year competition that you can enter. You are allowed to enter more than one. Every category has one Overall Winner who can be of any age group. Each category will have a winner and then a commended second place if there are enough entrants and the judging is close.

Overall Winner

This will be decided from all of the photographs entered.

Camera Type

Mobile Phone

Action Camera

Tough Camera (Doesn't need a housing)

Compact Camera

Four Third & Mirrorless


Digital Cinema

Photography Types

You can enter these categories with whichever camera you have or would like to use.

Wide angle


Natural light


In-Water Photography

Marine life


Model in Pool or Open Water (Human form)



Apnea Sport - for all things breath hold and sport. This includes but not limited to underwater rugby, underwater hockey and synchronised swimming.

Cliff Diving - Jumping from height in to open water


Swim surface - for indoor pool or open water swimming

Board photography such as surfing, bodyboarding, skim boarding, kite surfing, wakeboarding. Anything with a board and you are in the water during the photograph.

Adventure - Can include snorkel touring, or any of the above with a sense of adventure about it