The In-Water Photographer of the Year Competition is all about access to taking photos in water as cheaply and easily as possible.

The worlds most amazing photographs are now often sought whilst on one breath, snorkeling, whilst floating on the surface of the water and in places that you may not be able to get to with scuba gear on.

How To Enter the Competition

To enter the In-Water Photographer of the Year competition, head to our enter the competition page and from there you can select how many photographs you would like to enter.

Three photographs for £3, Eight photographs for £6 and Twenty photographs for £12. With the Twenty Photographs bundle you can enter the same photo in to all of the categories it will fit, up to 20 categories in total. Or you can enter 20 different photographs in to the same category or even 20 photographs in to different categories. As long as they fit, so you couldn't put a macro photograph in to the wide angle category...

Add whatever bundle it is you would like to cart and before you purchase this set and when you click on Checkout, you will be prompted to register and create a new account.

Once you have registered, please then checkout with your account, as only when you have checked out for the bundle you require, will you be able to upload photographs to the competition.

Once you have completed the transaction you will be taken back to the site from Paypal.

On the right hand side you will now see a button that says Add Content. From there it will send you to a photograph upload page where you can upload your photograh, choose it's category and add a caption.

Please make sure you abide by the rules for the photograph submission for your best chance at winning.

Manage Your Submissions

Once you have submitted your first photograph, you can view this submission by going to the sidebar, My Account link.

You should see a tab called My Content which will show you all of your submissions to date. From there you can check what you have added and edit/swap around your submissions if neccesary.