2016 Category Winners, Commended & Vote For Overall Winner

We are pleased to announce the category winners of the In Water Photographer of the Year 2016 competition. We have been going through and selected our category winners and now it's time to rate the photographs below to get the overall winner.

What Is In Water Photographer of the Year? It's a photography competition based on taking photos on one breath, whilst freediving, floating and swimming on the surface, with no extra dive equipment. All photos entered and in this years category winners page have all been taken with no extra gear, it's just the photographer and their camera in the water.

We had a great time going through all of the photographs entered from underwater enthusiasts around the world and there were a lot of incredible photographs to look through. We were quite envious of all of the locations, water scenes and fun we encountered in the undewater photographs and wished we could have been on scene when they were all taken.

It's now time for you to vote and rate your favourite photos to select the Overall In Water Photographer of the Year 2016. Voting is open until end of March 2017.

In Water Photographer of the Year Competition is all about entering the water with the bare minimum, the category winners below are open water swimmers, surfers, snorkelers, freedivers and skin diver enthusiasts. All of the photographs have been taken on one breath, with just a camera in hand and no other technical gear other than mask and fins.