Welcome to the In-Water Photographer of the Year

What is In Water Photographer of the Year?

What is In Water Photographer of the Year? If you are a freediver, a snorkeler, a surf photographer, hanging out with the spearo's, taking photographs of models in pools or doing marine life photography in the open ocean whilst on one breath. It is water photography in all it's glory, stripped down, free of gear, irrespective of age and licences. Whether you are underwater, in water shallows or floating on the surface, this is the number one photography competition for you.

Welcome to In-Water Photographer of the Year photography competition. This underwater & in-water photography competition is open to the whole world. Anyone who may have a camera in their hand and is in-water at the time of capture. This leading competition has been set up and run by freedivers, snorkelers, swimmers, surfers, professionals and amateurs alike, all with the same passion. To feel free in the water and to capture amazing photographs of the things that they love.

As long as you are in the water, you can enter this competition. You may pointing your underwater camera and housing down in to the depths, across the shallows whilst snorkeling or taking photos underneath cliff faces. You're the waterman, free to do what you want in the open waters of the world and capture that moment.

Entries open on the 1st of September but you are free to use photographs taken from anytime in 2015. This competition is for the In-Water Photographer of the Year 2015, so we won't be closing entry until the very last day, the 31st of December.

How to enter your photographs.